AI - reliable, responsible or ethical AI | Seminar with Dr. Michal Nowakowski | February 2823.02.2024News image

Please join us for the next Do (N)ASK seminar on creating and maintaining a framework for responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligence, which includes elements such as data governance, AI risk management and AI governance (including ML/AIOps). This time our guest will be Michał Nowakowski, PhD.

We attended BOSA2024! What? Why? Who?12.02.2024News image

We attended BOSA!… which is a week-long course for data scientists organized by the IDLab Sports Data Science teams of Ghent University and Antwerp University. As a result, we are richer with new skills in the use of artificial intelligence (XAI) explanatory methods, knowledge of machine vision techniques, applications of biomechanics principles and other practical applications of AI in sports. NASK SCIENCE was represented by Michal Kozbial.

SoccerNet and NASK | Join the Ball Action Spotting 2024 challenge06.02.2024News image

NASK has launched a partnership with SoccerNet and is joining the organizers of a unique soccer challenge – Ball Action Spotting 2024. The results of the challenge and the best solutions will be presented at the CVsports workshop at the CVPR 2024 conference in Seattle. CVPR is one of the most important global conferences in Computer Vision and artificial intelligence.

Computational Neuroscience: applications of brain connectivity | Join the seminar with Dr. Alessandro Crimi | 8 February31.01.2024News image

In Computational Neuroscience we see the brain as a graph or a network. That is why the advent of Graph Convolutional Networks (GCN) has revolutionized the field of brain connectivity analysis. In this seminar, we will discuss how Graph Convolutional Networks utilize graph theory and deep learning techniques to extract meaningful features from brain connectivity data. Join the seminar on February, 8, in NASK SCIENCE!

ART and SCIENCE | Explore the connections with Dr. Jakub Wroblewski at NASK SCIENCE seminar | February 2029.01.2024News image

How do machine learning, image processing, VR, robotics and data science connect the scientific and artistic worlds? Can and how opening up to new disciplines, unusual combinations, enrich the scientific workshop? Come see to what extent data science is explored by artistic people and what can come out of such collaboration. Come experience the intermingling of different scientific disciplines. Stop by to discuss image and sound processing technologies. Coming up on February 20 at NASK SCIENCE!

Since computer science is not a human science, what can be done to make it one in the age of mass automation? | Dr. Michal Krzykawski at NASK SCIENCE 03.01.2024News image

How to rebuild public trust in computer science, and how does “trustworthy AI” relate to it? Can (or simply must) computer science become a human science? What, how and why to automate? For more philosophical reflections on technologies and AI, we have invited Dr. Michal Krzykawski, and you are invited to attend this meeting, which will take place on January 16 from 11:00-13:00 at NASK SCIENCE.

#AkcjaWeryfikacja | Common conference by Coopernicus and NASK SCIENCE 29.11.2023News image

The #AkcjaWeryfikacja conference will be held at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw on December 1. The project is implemented by the Coopernicus initiative in cooperation with NASK Science. This unique initiative aims to expand students’ awareness of the verification of content available on the Internet and the regulation of artificial intelligence.

On modality and soccer… in Singapore | Karolina Seweryn at SMU21.11.2023News image

Have you ever wondered how soccer, Singapore and artificial intelligence are connected? What exactly is multimodality and how it relates to NASK SCIENCE? Probably not. All of these threads will soon be brought together by Karolina Seweryn, a PhD student in the Department of Data Science at NASK SCIENCE, at the seminar “Multi-modal Learning in Soccer” at the School of Computing and Information Systems in the Singapore Management University on December 11. Are you around?

What threats are hidden in IoT hardware? Jan Adamski and Marcin Rytel invite you to OH MY H@CK 202314.11.2023News image

On December 5, during the OH MY H@CK 2023 conference, Jan Adamski and Marcin Rytel from the NASK SCIENCE team will present new data on a critical vulnerability in the API of one of the manufacturers of popular devices during their lecture “Security research of IoT devices.” The vulnerability they detected allows a device to be remotely (via the Internet) added to a personal user account and remotely controlled, without any authorization.

Submit your article for the 4th International Workshop on Secure Mobile Computer Systems02.11.2023News image

We encourage you to submit papers for the 4th edition of the International Worskhop on Secure Mobile Computer Systems (IWoSeMCS-24) organized as part of the 24th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGRID 2024) conference. Both events will take place May 6-9, 2024 in Philadelphia. NASK is a partner of the workshop. The deadline for submission of papers is December 17, 2023.