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What does NASK SCIENCE study?

NASK conducts research and development work in the fields of computer science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and distributed networks. As the institution that in 1991 connected Poland to the Internet, we believe that the development of these disciplines is the future of science, the economy, and the society at large. The research carried out by the NASK SCIENCE team makes it possible to responsibly create world-class new technologies.

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    Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity

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    Artificial intelligence

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    Data center control and processing systems

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    Artificial intelligence in medicine and biometrics

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    Large language models

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    Propagation of (dis)information in social networks

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    Mathematics of AI and ML

What sets us apart?

We are a place where you can conduct world-class research close to real-life problems. A place where everyone is valued for what they can do. A place that values diversity, where you can grow, meet inspiring people, and discover the power of collaboration.We work with some of the world’s top scientific institutions (including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Technology Sydney). We have unique data sets, data acquisition and research tools. We have our own network, computing, and laboratory infrastructure. The short path from lab to implementation gives our engineers a sense of agency and responsibility. The research process at NASK SCIENCE involves the exchange of ideas, bold experimentation, and confronting the results with social, market, and technological realities. The resulting solutions become competitive products that deliver market value and shape reality.

Image of prof. Szymon Łukasik

prof. Szymon Łukasik

Head of AI division

We believe that understanding the world helps shape it responsibly.

Our innovations are born from the exchange of ideas, bold experimentation, and a constant strive for improvement.

Our research is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the world. We treat technological and social challenges as inspiration and motivation for action.

What do the employees say?

We were borN ASKing about security

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