Cybersecurity systems

Systemy cyberbezpieczeństwa

Cybersecurity is a key area of our scientific research and R&D work. This is where the results of our research are applied. New technologies that improve the security of network infrastructure and digital services are born here.

How to build a reliable and accurate picture of cybersecurity threats based on network traffic samples, distributed security incident information, and vulnerabilities of network devices and services? How to mitigate the harmful impact of detected threats? How to secure network communications? We develop our cybersecurity systems by carefully addressing these questions and many more.

Pracownik Zakladu Metod Systemow Bezpieczenstwa Informacji

Detecting, modeling propagation and mitigating cybersecurity threats require advanced technologies for processing large sets of (diverse) data, as well as technologies for controlling network devices and service servers.

#AI and DDoS attack mitigation


Security of mobile systems requires lightweight and adaptive methods of detecting cyberattacks, behavioral profiling tools for users, and alerting mechanisms for web services. The outcome of our work in this area is technology: #BotSense.


The security of networks and network applications provides great technological challenges. We address them by developing cyber security and network control systems, ICT data processing systems, early detection and mitigation systems for security incidents in IT/OT networks, and network traffic monitoring systems: #FLDX and #ARAKIS.


Information security involves IT systems and the information stored in them, IoT protection, research on the effectiveness and reliability of trust and reputation management systems, and their resistance to attacks of various types.


We have developed technology for clustering and searching data on the vulnerabilities of IoT systems and devices, as well as methods of exploiting them. We create tools for analyzing network traffic and cyber attacks, perform testing and analysis of software security, especially of IoT devices: #VariotDB


We are working on:

  • Mathematical foundations of threat detection, propagation and mitigation
  • Monitoring technologies for digital networks, systems and services
  • Distributed cybersecurity systems
  • Detection of dangerous content