Autonomous detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks (FLDX)

10 seconds - that's how long it takes the FLDX system to handle an incident. How is this possible and what does the system consist of?



Sudden and unpredictable bursts of Internet traffic can saturate network links or overloading application servers. Therefore, protecting networks and digital services from intentional attacks must go along with fair distribution of network resources.

The FLDX system protects digital services and network devices from DDoS attacks and a sudden and unpredictable increase in user activity.

What we did

Fair distribution of network resources is the objective the FLDX system achieves within seconds. Unlike state-of-the-art solutions, the FLDX system does not require predefined attack fingerprints or ACLs. Its cutting-edge machine learning algorithms autonomously calculate and adjust firewall filters based on the current network situation.

This allows for extremely rapid responses to observed and forecasted network overloads. The FLDX system protects network infrastructure and digital services while building situational awareness.

And one more thing. It is the first in the world programmable cybersecurity system. Introducing new attack detection and mitigation rules or algorithms has never been easier.

#FLDX: programmable DDoS protection system

#Adaptive tuning of network traffic policing mechanisms for DDoS attack mitigation systems