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Advanced studies

Why? How? These are our favorite questions. We are curious about the world and driven to create new technologies for the benefit of society. We want to understand what we see in the data. That is why we carry our fundamental research in numerical linear algebra, cryptology, quantum computing and quantum communication, and control theory.

Cloud computing and smart networks

We carry out national and international research and development projects related to secure quantum communications and the creation and enhancement of distributed systems security.

Artificial intelligence

Understanding the nature of artificial intelligence is one of the grand challenges of our times. This challenge is at the core of our research on the mathematical foundations of machine learning. We engineer learning algorithms and develop data representations supporting AI interpretability, explainability, and trustworthiness. We design experiments and methods to unpack black boxes, including generative AI and large language models (LLMs). We care about AI ethics, AI evolution, and its security.

Cybersecurity systems

Cybersecurity is a key area of our scientific research and R&D work. This is where the results of our research are applied. New technologies that improve the security of network infrastructure and digital services are born here.