Cloud computing and smart networks


We carry out national and international research and development projects related to secure quantum communications and the creation and enhancement of distributed systems security.

The proliferation of data-collecting devices in the world around us creates new opportunities in the area of Big Data system development, as well as new risks. At NASK SCIENCE, we are developing large-scale data collection systems (e.g., telemetry data, honeypot data), as well as systems focused on their processing in the cloud. We conduct research and development work on enhancing the security of distributed systems, such as the Internet of Things (including the Industrial Internet of Things) and mobile devices.

A particular area of our interest is the development of lightweight threat detectors using machine learning, which we have had the opportunity to successfully implement, for example, as part of the international GUARD project or to integrate with the BotSense system (within SKAM project) providing security for e-banking users in many Polish banks.


In our work, we pay attention to the resilience of systems to attacks attempting to exploit machine learning vulnerabilities. In addition, as part of the LaVA project, together with the Warsaw University of Technology, we are developing our own methods of attacking machine learning models, which will allow a more thorough examination of the vulnerabilities of cyber-physical systems.


As part of the Optokrypt project, we are developing state-of-the-art optical quantum cryptology technologies for the protection of data exchanges in data communication networks for national security and defense.