Advanced Studies Division

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Head of the Advanced Studies Divison
Prof. Michał Karpowicz

We engage in fundamental research inspired by technological and social challenges. We want to understand data and explain the processes behind them. Our work includes topics in numerical linear algebra, cryptology, quantum computing and quantum communication, and control theory.

Department of Linear Algebra

We conduct research on algorithms for data analysis, reconstruction, and compression, as well as all computational aspects of machine learning. Our research finds applications in areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and statistics.

Department of Cryptology

We conduct research on classical and post-quantum cryptography algorithms and systems. These include issues in information theory, number theory, discrete mathematics, as well as elements of quantum physics. We develop modern cryptographic methods and tools.

Department of Quantum Computing and Quantum Communication

We conduct research on quantum algorithms and quantum communications. We are developing cutting-edge quantum cryptology technologies for the protection of data exchange in networks, with a special focus on the mechanisms of optical fiber transmission.

Department of Control Theory

We conduct research on machine learning algorithms. We also work on other variants of dynamic programming algorithms, adaptive control algorithms, as well as dynamic and stochastic processes observed in complex networked and social systems.