SoccerNet and NASK | Join the Ball Action Spotting 2024 challenge


NASK has launched a partnership with SoccerNet and is joining the organizers of a unique soccer challenge – Ball Action Spotting 2024. The results of the challenge and the best solutions will be presented at the CVsports workshop at the CVPR 2024 conference in Seattle. CVPR is one of the most important global conferences in Computer Vision and artificial intelligence.

SoccerNet is a large-scale dataset for soccer video understanding. The dataset can be used for free by researchers around the world for scientific publications. It has evolved over the years to include various tasks such as action spotting, camera calibration, player re-identification and tracking. It is composed of 550 complete broadcast soccer games and 12 single camera games taken from the major European leagues. SoccerNet is not only dataset, but also yearly challenges where the best teams compete at the international level.

This year, one of the challenges titled Ball Action Spotting has been described and promoted by NASK SCIENCE scientists.

SoccerNet’s 2024 challenges are:

  • Ball Action Spotting: detecting 12 ball events with 1-second precision
  • Dense Video Captioning: generating match descriptions highlighting the most exciting moments
  • Multi-View Foul Recognition: recognize fouls in video footage from multiple views
  • Game State Reconstruction: reconstructing the state of the game over time on a two-dimensional pitch map

The challenge presentations can be viewed on YouTube.

How to participate in the challenge?

Details on how to participate in each challenge can be found here. The competition runs until 30 May 2024.