ART and SCIENCE | Explore the connections with Dr. Jakub Wroblewski at NASK SCIENCE seminar | February 20


How do machine learning, image processing, VR, robotics and data science connect the scientific and artistic worlds? Can and how opening up to new disciplines, unusual combinations, enrich the scientific workshop? Come see to what extent data science is explored by artistic people and what can come out of such collaboration. Come experience the intermingling of different scientific disciplines. Stop by to discuss image and sound processing technologies. Coming up on February 20 at NASK SCIENCE!

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On February 20, Tuesday, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, NASK SCIENCE will host Jakub Wroblewski, PhD, with the seminar “ART and SCIENCE. New practices for transforming art forms and scientific achievements”. The seminar will be held at NASK SCIENCE in Focus building (26 Armii Ludowej Avenue, 10th floor).

The aim of the seminar will be to present projects and case-studies from the 3d Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Virtual Events II that connect the worlds of science and art. The presented case-studies are based on MR (mixed reality), AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) solutions. As part of them, you will learn how ASP scientists approach visualization and perception of the audience’s experience of images and sound, i.e. illusion, embodiment, proprioception, sense of agency, affordance, i.e. human interaction with a digital or physical object, or the phenomenon of immersion. ASP’s 3d Studio is also open to contemporary interdisciplinary use of new media in participatory, communal, individual and collective, interactive and multimedia experiences with a focus on the search for innovative aesthetics – both visual and auditory. The meeting will also be empirical in nature, and will involve both direct exploration of the possibilities of the projects created in the 3d Studio and Virtual Events II, as well as analysis of the solutions used in them.

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The seminar will be held in Polish only.