#AkcjaWeryfikacja | Common conference by Coopernicus and NASK SCIENCE


The #AkcjaWeryfikacja conference will be held at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw on December 1. The project is implemented by the Coopernicus initiative in cooperation with NASK Science. This unique initiative aims to expand students’ awareness of the verification of content available on the Internet and the regulation of artificial intelligence.

During the event, experts representing various fields of science will share their experiences, offer strategies for verifying information, present the latest trends in the field of cybersecurity, as well as analyze current legal regulations on artificial intelligence.

The conference will also include a specialization workshop that will enable participants to better understand the topic of deep fakes. The #AkcjaWeryfikacja is not only a space to exchange knowledge, but also a place to learn practical skills that are essential in the changing digital environment.

The event’s organizer, Coopernicus, is a multidisciplinary academic initiative created by Our Future Foundation, an educational foundation providing free support to dozens of Polish and Ukrainian students seeking to apply to the world’s best universities. The platform aims to connect Polish scientific communities at home and abroad, as well as contribute to the popularization of science and international achievements of Polish researchers. Scientists, through the Coopernicus platform, can share their achievements, as well as seek opportunities to collaborate with experts interested in a similar field or willing to engage in international ventures. Students or young professionals can find attractive job offers, research grants and fellowships made available by Coopernicus partners on the platform.