On modality and soccer… in Singapore | Karolina Seweryn at SMU


Have you ever wondered how soccer, Singapore and artificial intelligence are connected? What exactly is multimodality and how it relates to NASK SCIENCE? Probably not. All of these threads will soon be brought together by Karolina Seweryn, a PhD student in the Department of Data Science at NASK SCIENCE, at the seminar “Multi-modal Learning in Soccer” at the School of Computing and Information Systems in the Singapore Management University on December 11. Are you around?

During each soccer game, technology from a variety of sources makes it possible to collect incredible amounts of data about the movement of athletes on the field. Using video footage, sports commentary or sensors allows you to create a significant competitive advantage. How? Simply by integrating information from different modalities, analyzing it and drawing conclusions. This allows coaches, athletes and analysts to access valuable information for optimizing strategies, preventing injuries and developing players. Fascinating, right? In a lecture at SMU, Karolina Seweryn will discuss cutting-edge techniques, including computer vision, natural language processing and sensor data integration, that enable the extraction of useful information from complex, multidimensional datasets.

If you are planning to be in Singapore during this time, you are welcome to attend this lecture. More information and registration is available in this link. Karolina Seweryn will also be available at the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing on December 6-10, 2023. Would you like to talk about collaboration or her interesting projects? Contact Karolina directly.

The seminar is co-organized by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Singapore Chapter.