NASK is creating a Doctoral School


On October 1, 2024, the first doctoral students will start their education at the NASK Doctoral School! NASK’s Director Wojciech Pawlak signed an ordinance officially establishing a school that will create a new environment for research on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity at NASK SCIENCE.

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– Establishing a doctoral school is an important step in the development of NASK SCIENCE. The school will educate top-class scientists and engineers capable of creating new knowledge and new original technologies – says NASK’s Deputy Director for Research, Michał Karpowicz.

Our PhD students will develop their doctoral projects under the supervision of advisors from NASK SCIENCE, while taking advantage of the diverse R&D environment at NASK. They will also benefit from a rich offer of classes expanding their knowledge in the field of engineering and developing their competences in the use of methods and tools for conducting scientific research.

The School will provide education in the field of engineering and technical sciences, in the disciplines of information and communication technologies, as well as security engineering. In addition to the wide teaching offer and mentoring of scientists from NASK, our school will also use the potential of NASK as a place where research results can directly lead to implementation and where technology transfer takes place on-site.

The NASK Doctoral School will also be an international institution, open to candidates from abroad and offering all of its classes in English. While working on creating the School, we are also making sure that it is friendly to doctoral students – in terms of the quality of education and supervisory care, conditions for conducting scientific research, and financial assistance.

At the beginning of the new year, we will provide more details about the program, as well as the rules and dates of admissions, which will take place in the summer of 2024. We will also successively present the profiles of our supervisors and research areas in which we will particularly encourage candidates to submit their doctoral projects. Follow our website for more information!