Prof. Michał Oszmaniec

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Research interests: quantum computers, quantum information theory ,mathematical physics, complexity theory

Michal Oszmaniec is a theoretical physicist specializing in quantum computers and quantum information theory. After receiving his PhD from the University of Warsaw in 2015, he held postdoctoral fellowships at the Institute of Photonic Studies (ICFO) in Barcelona and the National Center for Quantum Computing (KCIK) in Gdansk, Poland. In 2020, he received a postdoctoral degree in physics from the University of Gdansk. Since 2019, he has headed the quantum computing group at CFT PAN.

Dr. Oszmaniec’s research interests include: the theoretical foundations of quantum supremacy, quantum complexity theory, the theory of quantum measurements and their application to quantum algorithms, as well as efficient protocols for certification and characterization of quantum computers. In his research, Dr. Oszmaniec applies the advanced tools of modern mathematics (high-dimensional probability calculus, representation theory, convex analysis) to problems that may have practical relevance for quantum computers of the near future.